WalkJogRun – Precision GPS Running at the Chicago Marathon

Chicago Marathon 2012As the 2012 Chicago Marathon quickly approaches, runners from all around the Windy City and are scrambling to get in their last training sessions in before the big race. But for one Chicago entrepreneur, he is hoping his unique business can better help local athletes get a leg up on the competition.

In 2002, running enthusiast Adam Howitt created WalkJogRun, the first website that allowed runners to map their routes on the Internet. Adam has watched his business grow exponentially, thriving to nearly 230,000 users running on more than 1,500,000 specialty running routes around the world. Now, if each route were one mile that would be enough guidance to get you to the moon and back SIX times.

The business has done so well that Adam recently unveiled a WalkJogRun iPhone app equipped with the most accurate running GPS functionality on the market and nearly two dozen training plans designed to help runners get ready for their big race (or your local Turkey Trot).

The accuracy of a GPS functionality feature in a fitness app is critical for someone working towards his or her goal time. Don’t worry iPhone users; you don’t even have to think about opening up that new apple map to guide you. During field tests, WJR found that the running apps MapMyRun and Runkeeper both routinely over-estimate mileage by approximately 1 mile for every 10 you run. In the same field tests, WalkJogRun delivers distances just 1/10th of a mile off for the same 10-mile run.

So, whether you are an avid walker, jogger, runner, or something in between, WalkJogRun is the perfect training tool to help you reach any fitness goal. Personally, I consider myself more of a biker and cannot wait to take this nifty tool down Laskeshore Path. See you at the Chicago Marathon this weekend (as a spectator of course)!

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