Understanding Healthcare PR

Healthcare public relations covers a broad range of topics. Whether you’re talking about healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical products, insurance companies, medical associations, or individual doctors, each sector of the healthcare system could benefit from a public relations strategy. Healthcare is a constantly growing, evolving and competitive field. To stay ahead, healthcare brands are wise to invest in a strategic, multi-pronged PR approach.

Knowing your audience is vital to any PR strategy, and perhaps even more so in healthcare PR. A brand should speak to its general consumer much differently than it should speak to a physician or the purchasing manager of a hospital. Targeting the message and language used to a particular audience is key.

Across the board, the general public wants to be able to trust the healthcare industry. Whether buying prescription drugs, choosing a specific doctor, or selecting an insurance plan, a consumer wants to feel safe and taken care of. The overall message of the brand should reflect this desire, while also remaining informative and truthful, so consumers are well-educated when a decision must be made.

Communication within the medical community is another story. Trust also is important, as if a physician doesn’t trust your product, he or she will not feel comfortable using it on patients. However, it’s also important to keep the medical community up to date on your brand’s latest technologies. Staying on top of trade magazines and knowing how to get your latest press release in the hands of the right doctors is critical.

Despite its complexities and, oftentimes, sensitive nature, healthcare PR can be approached in the same ways as other PR strategies. Understanding the audience, the media, and the platforms by which to disseminate information about your brand is just as important in healthcare PR as it is in all other industries.