Top Valentine’s Day PR Stunts

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By: Katie Chrapla

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about love, red roses and all that sentimental stuff, it also brings PR stories and stunts out on the table. Here is a collection of some of the Valentine’s Day campaigns we have spotted that stuck out to us, and trust us there have been loads. Love it or hate it, companies are using Valentine’s Day to promote products in a variety of interesting ways. From offering a free crib to couples that had a particularly romantic holiday, to engaging a “tweet screen” of love, and even over stocking for the release of the erotic film, Fifty Shades of Grey. Check it out:

IKEA offers a free cot- This time two years ago; Ikea Australia offered parents to-be a free cot, as long as their baby arrived exactly nine months from Valentine’s Day. Parents had to hold on to the coupon until November and present it to IKEA alongside a ‘proof of birth’ in order to claim their free prize. IKEA proves a candid promotional stunt can be a bold move that gains a public buzz.


Dove Sets up Tweet Screen- Dove used an advertising board at Victoria Station, London to create a ‘tweet screen’ of love. The idea was simple, ask people passing by to respond to questions about women and beauty, and the best responses were put on the screen – modern romance so to speak. Responses were sent via text and Twitter. The power of this campaign was focused on those passing by with loved ones and even if the loved one wasn’t there, the picture may be tweeted too.

B&Q Company Memo- B&Q, a DIY company, has released a twist to their company with this Valentine’s Day PR stunt. An internal memo that was leaked has asked staff to “prepare for an increase in demand for rope, cable ties and tape ahead of the release of the film Fifty Shades Of Grey”. One scene in the movie involves the couple going to a hardware shop to buy ropes and ties. The company says they expect a higher number of customers who would be inspired by watching the film to do the exact same thing. A B&Q spokeswoman spoke with the Guardian about the internal leak and getting the information out but similar to Ana Steele, their hands were tied.

These Valentine’s day PR stunts have a few things to note in order to successfully get your brands message out. If you’re going to look for inspiration for a marketing idea, why not tag along with pop culture. Brands being bold like Ikea, demonstrate how it can pay to have a sense of humor about your business. Finally, if your brand has the ability for publicity stunts, keep doing them. You’ll find that when you keep the motion of good PR up, the rewards cannot be passed up. Not only will you gain a lot of attention and curiosity, but also hopefully you’ll get the public to pay attention.