The game of life

Kimberly Eberl

Winning strategies from our expert
Kimberly Eberl, Comm ’99
CEO and Founder of Motion PR

Sometimes getting fired fuels what’s next. In this case, it did. It sparked the founding of her company that became Chicago-based Motion PR, serving clients and lifestyle brands such as Red Bull, Monster Jam, Hefty, Medieval Times and more. The company opened the same year Twitter sent its first tweet, a 40-character preview of a communication revolution, with tools Motion PR leverages daily to keep clients in motion.

What traits are key to launching a business?
A lot of it comes down to attitude, high risk tolerance, having hustle, being able to innovate, create, improve and do something all the time. Be aware of what’s happening in the industry. We also try to treat ourselves like a client, too.

What crucial lesson helped you?
A professor at Marquette told us to read, watch, listen to as much media as possible. I impress that on my staff, that you can find inspiration in ways you never think about.

How can a newbie nail a job interview?
Know the company you’re applying to join, follow it on Twitter and LinkedIn. Show confidence and an ability to have a good conversation, hold your head high, don’t be intimidated by the process, and be a great writer — that’s almost become a lost art.

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