The End or the Beginning – Point 2012 Black Ale

What will YOU be drinking when the world ends?

We’ve all heard the Mayan prediction of a swiftly-approaching 2012 apocalypse, but can anyone actually imagine what that fateful day will look like? Thanks to Point Brewery from Steven’s Point Wisconsin, we can all stop trying to picture it, and actually catch a little preview of judgement day right now. Point has paired up with Chicago-based production company Rascals & Rogues to create what may very well be the most epic beer advertisement ever. Their latest commercial, titled “The End or the Beginning,”  advertises Point Brewery’s Black Ale as the beer to reach for as Doomsday 2012 approaches.

The creative partnership of Director Kerry Shaw Brown and Producer Ritch Wedeking combines world-ending catastrophe with top-notch production quality to produce an ad that looks more like a trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises” than a beer commercial. Shot in the streets of Chicago, the commercial features a slow-mo glimpse at some apocalyptic chaos that includes fire breathers, explosions, riot squads, and much, much more.

Check out the video here: The End or the Beginning

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