Influencer Marketing


Here in the age of the internet, influencers are everywhere. It’s not just the traditional media that effects the public’s purchasing decisions anymore. Bloggers, vloggers and other social media influencers are playing a key role in shaping the minds of those who browse the internet. As a top influencer agency, Motion PR is well versed in all things internet and can create a targeted influencer marketing campaign to reach these key players in the online landscape.

Our influencer marketing services connects with brands to develop effective outreach programs that not only boost SEO and website traffic, but also increase new customers and sales. We have strong relationships with many prominent bloggers and websites, and constantly evaluate bloggers’ effectiveness based on their perceived traffic, social media followers, quality and frequency of content and more. We also develop incentives on behalf of brands that motivate not only the bloggers, but also their website visitors.

The influence of social media is huge for consumers. YouTube stars are always trying and reviewing the latest products for millions of subscribers. Average people now have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers. Building on the popularity and social influence of these people and the platforms they use, we can reach a broader audience and target more potential customers than with traditional media outlets alone. The reach of these social media influencers is vast, and earning their trust and endorsements can be vital to your overall marketing strategy.

Our media relationships are thriving, but reaching traditional media is not enough anymore. Let us use our influencer marketing services to help you reach a wider audience.