Your content is the bread and butter of your company’s promotions. Motion PR’s content experts have mastered the written word and know how to write for any client’s specific needs. We will devise a content marketing strategy to help spread the word about your company across as many platforms as you desire.

We can polish your web content to get your website noticed by search engines, putting you at the forefront of the web searches that your potential customers are making. Using keyword research, we will determine what your current copy is lacking and how we can improve it to boost your page rankings and increase web traffic and conversions. After developing an SEO content strategy to determine the best keywords to target, we will create the quality content that will bring customers to your site straight from the search engine.

Our content expertise extends past your company’s websites. Motion PR also excels at social media content management. Give us the reins of your social media accounts and we will generate buzz among your followers. Whether you want to focus on a couple platforms, or spread your reach throughout Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Vine and Foursquare, we will develop a social media content marketing strategy and then create that content, tailored to the tone and voice of your company.

If reaching customers via mail—electronic or otherwise—is more your speed, we can create content for your company’s newsletters. Whether it’s digital or on paper, or on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis, Motion PR helps with content management, as well as all other aspects of the newsletter process. Our history of award-winning email marketing campaigns proves that we know what we’re doing. Quality content is the backbone of any successful newsletter, and we will create a customized content marketing strategy to spread the word about your business.

Let Motion PR’s content marketing wizards work their magic on your company’s content. Whether your existing content needs a little polish or a major overhaul, we will work with you to create effective copy to reach a larger audience.

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