6 Tips on How To Write A Quick Press Release In 15 Minutes

How long should it really take to prepare a great press release? According to Mickie Kennedy at eReleases.com, about 15 minutes!

Kennedy’s posting, “How to write a killer press release in 15 minutes”, consisted of a short list of crucial steps to take when attempting to write a great fast press release. According to Mickie, if you follow these steps you’ll be able to pump out fabulous press releases around the clock.

Today many PR professionals have their own system of tricks they use when having to write a release.  But, here at Motion PR, Chicago’s premier Public Relations Firm we wanted to share a few tips on writing a quick press release that we think will have save you tons of time.  We’re including Kennedy’s top 6 tips below.

1. Keep a list of ideas. This will save you tons of time when considering if the topic is newsworthy or timely.

2. Stay on point.  When writing a press release try to stay on topic, don’t jump around! Focus on getting the story or product information out clearly and concisely.

3. Outline your press release. When writing a quick press release always write out the main points you’re trying to get across this will keep you focused and organized.

4. Write when you’re inspired. If you’re not inspired to write, don’t expect to fly through your press release.  It could take hours if you’re not in the writing mood and that won’t equal a fast or good PR results.

5.  Recycle old information when possible. There will be times when general information about a company will have to be used over and over again.  Keep it handy it can be useful in the future.

6. Edit later. Many people have the tendency of editing themselves when they write.  We’ve all done this before! Don’t do it. It kills the flow when you’re writing and is a huge waste of time.

Hopefully, these tips with all help you write a newsworthy and quick press release in a timely manner!