Challenge: World-renowned photographer Sandro Miller’s latest exhibition, Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters, was set to debut in Chicago, then travel to Los Angeles and New York. Motion PR was tasked with generating buzz in local and national media outlets regarding the new exhibition and encourage people to come see Sandro’s work at each local gallery.

Approach: Motion PR reached out to hundreds of local and national print, online and broadcast media outlets, offering interviews with Sandro and sharing images of his photographs for consideration. Motion PR also invited local media to attend the VIP event the night prior to the exhibition opening.  

Result: Motion PR secured dozens of articles/segments across each of the three markets, along with several national publications. Coverage was secured in outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Thrillist, ABC Chicago, Windy City Live, the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, Village Voice and Downtown Magazine, garnering more than 2.5 million impressions across the country.