Premier Boxing Champions

Challenge: To bring boxing back to its halcyon days by reintroducing premium matchups to primetime television and affording its dedicated fan base of more than 35 million people a presentation worthy of one of the word’s oldest sporting endeavors. With the introduction of Premier Boxing Champions (PBC), the goal was to make “the sweet science” as popular as other major American sports.

Approach: Starting with charitable fighter activations in cities around the U.S., Motion PR successfully brought to the forefront engaging and inspiring fighter stories. Immediately after, Motion PR announced the launch of Premier Boxing Champions, and its partnership with NBC and Spike TV, both of which will be airing bouts on a regular basis.

Outcome: The local fighter activations resulted in a multitude of placements both in the fighters’ local markets as well as nationwide. The ensuing PBC announcements became the sporting world’s “shots heard round the world” in early 2015. The launch stage was the set of Saturday Night Live at 30 Rock with Sugar Ray Leonard as the host, and a video of Al Michaels ringing through the audience. Throughout the launch period, we amassed placements on hundreds of media outlets, including the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, ESPN, Boxing News, Ring Magazine, Boxing Insider and many, many more.