Honor Flight Chicago

Challenge: Since 2008, the sole mission of Honor Flight Chicago has been to provide World War II veterans with an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the memorial built in their honor. As we’ve begun to lose more and more WWII veterans each year, Motion PR was tasked with reaching the more than 15,000 remaining Chicagoland veterans who had not yet received their long overdue day of honor.

Approach: Motion PR approached hyper-local and regional media outlets around targeted anniversaries such as Father’s Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and VJ Day with the opportunity to share the moving experiences of veterans that had recently flown with Honor Flight Chicago. Additionally, Motion PR set out to execute a VJ Day Swing Dance Flash Mob in downtown Chicago to aid in spreading the word about Honor Flight Chicago and their mission.

Result: The resulting coverage in scores of regional and local newspapers and online news sites – as well as broadcast television segments on local CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates – enabled Honor Flight Chicago to effectively reach the many friends, relatives and family members of veterans who had not yet flown with Honor Flight Chicago. As a result, Honor Flight Chicago was able to fill to capacity all seven flights of the 2015 season.