Ed Paschke Art Center

Challenge:  Generate excitement and increase awareness among cultural, travel and general audiences about a new Art Center dedicated to the work and life of renown Chicago artist and resident Ed Paschke.  The Center would be located in Jefferson Park, which while within close proximity to Chicago is outside the “cultural hub” of downtown Chicago.  MPR was tasked with establishing the Ed Paschke Art Center as a must-see destination.

Approach: MPR implemented an integrated marketing approach, using advertising placements, social media, event planning and coordination as well as public relations to create buzz.  Motion PR coordinated a grand-opening party, identifying and  inviting key art and cultural influencers as well as Chicago celebrities and civic leaders who would generate excitement about this new institution’s existence and importance in Chicago.  Motion PR assisted in media training, key messages and mission statement development, drafting press releases and supporting materials announcing the Center’s opening and highlighting the significance of Ed Paschke’s work to local and national press.  In addition, Motion PR also created social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—to reach out to fellow arts and cultural institutions to assist in building and connecting with similar target audiences.  In conjunction with media relations, advertising was solicited to reinforce brand recognition. The grand-opening party also served as way to garner pre-, during and post-event coverage on social as well as traditional media channels.

Outcome: Motion PR coordinated grand-opening event with astounding results, garnering media interest on a local and national scale. Placements included Associated Press, Art Ltd., Hyperallergic, Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Chicago Business as well as public broadcast radio and television placements.  Within the first month, social media efforts produced over 1,000 followers and 1,000 likes.  The grand-opening event was also was a huge success, receiving more than 300 accepted responses and being very well attended.