Challenge: ÄKTA came to Motion PR looking to elevate their brand’s visibility. The company wanted to attract new talent as they rapidly expanded, and distinguish themselves as experts in their field in order to catch the eye of business leaders and decision makers. Also of importance was to have CEO John Roa highlighted as a unique visionary to help set the company apart.

Approach: Motion PR first sought to raise ÄKTA’s profile locally through awards, speaking engagements and feature pieces on the brand and CEO. We also capitalized on relevant national news, such as Virgin America, ESPN and other major brands revamping their websites to enhance UX/UI, to position ÄKTA as experts for national media interviews.

Outcome: John Roa was highlighted as a thought leader in the business community through national outlets like Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Wall Street Journal. In Chicago, Motion PR secured various articles and awards on behalf of ÄKTA with publications such as Crain’s Chicago, Chicago Tribune, CBS Chicago, Chicago Magazine and Michigan Avenue. Additionally, our team placed ÄKTA in key trades like Website Magazine, UX Magazine and UX both; major technology publications like TechCrunch and TechCo; and top-tier business publications such as Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Small Business, Investor’s Business Daily, Inc., and The Wall Street Journal. Through a combination of speaking engagements, awards and media placements in local, national and trade press we were able strengthen ÄKTA’s brand awareness. Eventually, ÄKTA attracted the attention of Salesforce, which ultimately acquired the company in September 2015.