Kevin Nicol-Lints


Kevin is an Account Manager at Motion PR, bringing the perfect mix of creativity, energy, expertise and organizational skills to clients. Kevin works on numerous lifestyle and business-to-business accounts, including First Ascent Climbing and Fitness, Medieval Times, Mr. Alan’s, and Elements Global Services.

Prior to Motion PR, Kevin was working as a paralegal, assisting Chicago law firms with drafting procedural motions and briefs, all while fine-tuning his organizational and managerial skills. Early in his career, Kevin worked in Michigan and Ohio for companies ranging from automotive dealerships to international shipping companies in roles including general manager and director of advertising and marketing.

Kevin graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in English Literature / Creative Writing, and so many minors he can barely remember them all. Outside of Motion PR, Kevin enjoys rock climbing and exploring the National Parks with his wife, Lucy.

4 Questions with Kevin Nicol-Lints

Finish this sentence: People always tell me… I use too many big words. 

What’s your claim to fame (or 15 seconds of fame)? I was in the National Spelling Bee, and had a brief cameo on CNN. 

Favorite person, place or thing in Chicago? Burrito House–if loving their chorizo is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

The first thing you do in the morning is… If it’s a Monday, crank up Meatloaf on Spotify. ‘Meatloaf Monday’ is really the only way to start the week.