My First Week in Motion

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By: Ciara Merouan

My first week at Motion PR was a perfect mix of nerves and excitement. I moved from Ireland to the US, almost a year ago, after graduating from Queen Margaret University in Scotland where I studied PR and film-making. I decided to move to Chicago to experience PR in the US.. I was nervous like most people starting at a new agency and so with my escape strategy rehearsed and ready, I opened the glass doors that lead into the Motion PR office. I instantly remembered the vibrant atmosphere of the office that I had loved from my interview. I was welcomed and shown to my desk. My nervous were settled with every hand I shook and I was eager to be a part of the team.

I started to help out where I could with media monitoring, media lists, guest lists, researching and team meetings. The office was continuously humming with activity and I was so excited to get my first taste of client action. It was in that first week, as if by fate, it happened. There was TV segment scheduled for client and they needed an extra set of hands on set. I excitedly volunteered. Did I mention the client was Irish? An Irish gourmet Ice-cream store named Cone to be precise, needless to say that is a dream client for me!

We arrived at Cone and got to work immediately setting up the store and making sure all the employees were briefed on the imminent filming for the broadcast piece. Sean, the owner and star of the segment arrived and I was introduced to him. He is great man and 100% Irish! From time to time I still get nervous about being the only Irish person in a room; the fear of saying something completely stereotypical or unknowingly offensive is always looming. I soon realized Sean did not. The TV crew and producer arrived and the segment was underway in minutes. The interview went great; Sean worked the room and worked every key messaged into his answers perfectly. The interviewer and producer were happy and segment was a huge success! I was so lucky to be so closely involved in the production of the segment at an intern level, I have spent time at a larger agencies and that is rarely the case. I can’t wait to see can’t wait to how the final product turns out!

I am getting invaluable exposure to different areas of the PR industry and I am constantly learning from the talented people I share an office with. Thanks to the team and the work I am producing my confidence is growing and most comforting to me, I am yet to do anything too embarrassing and have been enjoying the experience.

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