My First Month at MPR

By Erin McGraw

Super-InternAfter only a couple of short weeks at Motion PR I felt as if I had been in the business for months. My first two weeks at Motion PR were jam-packed with a variety of assignments for an array of clients, from pitching for the French school Lycée Français de Chicago and Red Bull Curates: The Canvas Cooler Project to coordinating look books for The Lake Forest Shop. I quickly found that “learn-as-you-go” is often the mantra of a small-sized PR agency like MPR, where all hands are on deck all the time.

Having recently moved to Chicago I was new to the city and didn’t have the same home court advantage of knowing the ins and outs of Chicago media as my veteran Chicagoan team. But on day one, I was assigned to write a pitch for Lycée. While I was slightly apprehensive, I found that with a little research, a little editing and the insight from my team, I could write a pitch just like a pro.

One of the many reasons why I pursued the PR profession (other than my ability to talk endlessly to anyone and everyone) is that every day is different. I am one for routine and order yet I also like variety. And let me tell you, at Motion PR everyday is different – you never know what could be thrown at you on a moments notice.

For example, on the last day of my second week I did more in one four-hour morning than I thought I would ever do in a whole week. I started the day at Fox News where I met producers, news anchors, watched a live broadcast of a segment and spent time with our client from Wine Riot. It truly was a hands-on learning experience and a by-the-books real-life PR experience.

After the Fox segment was wrapped up I quickly hustled from Michigan Avenue to the Walgreens on State Street for a Vidal Sassoon makeover at the beauty brand’s blogger event! I obviously didn’t object to having a make over in exchange for a few simple snapshots and Tweets – just one of the perks of the PR business. While at the event I met more clients, was interviewed and had the chance to meet reporters and photographers (further enriching my Chicago media knowledge).

I always wanted a fast-paced job in the city and I truly feel that the Associate Program at Motion PR is a great place to start and get my feet wet in the PR biz. Everyday is a real life learning experience and all uncertainties or concerns are dissipated with a team of personable, knowledgeable professionals by my side.

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