Motion PR – A Look Back at the Past Ten Years

public relations Chicago

Inspiration and innovation are often times found in the most unlikely of places. Many of the world’s largest, most successful companies had their humble beginnings in places like garages and dorm rooms. For Motion PR founder and CEO Kimberly Eberl, the dining room table happened to be the locale for her eureka moment.

In between jobs and working as a freelancer, Eberl found herself one morning with a decision to make: to hire or not to hire. With a growing stable of clients and unable to adequately handle everything alone, she decided on the former. By utilizing the skills and knowledge gleaned from her years working for large public relations agencies, Eberl launched what is now Motion PR, and from her home office sprung what’s become a top public relations agency in Chicago.

Take a look below at the past ten years of Motion PR, and see how it grew from a one-woman show into an agency of 20 highly skilled public relations professionals working in tandem for clients ranging from lifestyle and entertainment brands to technology and healthcare services.

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