Motion PR’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

By: Bruce Kennedy

2013 has been a great year here at Motion PR, and while we hate to see it go, we are excited about the possibilities 2014 has to offer. We managed to make good on our 2013 New Year’s resolution to expand our client roster and actually exceeded our expectations in that area.  As we look to make even bigger strides in 2014, we wanted to take this chance to share some of our team resolutions that will help get us there.


1.) Go big or go home:

We have a great relationship with the local media here in Chicago and a laundry list of local businesses we work with. In 2013 we worked with more national accounts than ever before and used that opportunity to build stronger relationships with the national media and the local media in other top DMAs.

In 2014 we are looking increase our client roster of national accounts even more and while the year hasn’t even started yet, we are on pace for doing so. With that in mind we are also looking to strengthen our existing network of national media contacts.

That being said, we are not abandoning our Chicago clients or our friends in the local media. We are actually challenging ourselves to grow as a company and increase our business around that nation and on our home turf in Chicago simultaneously. While it is a big challenge, we have made huge strides in recent years by setting ambitious goals and pushing ourselves to be the best PR agency we can be.


2.) Stalk smarter:

You hear a lot of people in PR say “I am a stalking expert.” Someone is always proud of spending an hour to hunt down an email address they couldn’t find in Cision. While it is a great skill to have, all too often they end up sending the same pitch to that reporter that they sent to everyone else. If we are going to spend that extra time stalking, we should also be looking for ways to make our pitch to that person stronger in the process. We see what recent article they wrote or what things they Tweet about that they find interesting and leverage that to entice them. Anything to help us make a more personal connection with new contacts and maintain strong relationship with old ones.


3.) Write, rewrite and write again:

I am constantly impressed with the quality of writing my colleagues produce. However, it is important in the PR industry that we always challenge ourselves to be a better writer than we were the day before. We must write, rewrite, proofread, edit and find a way to write that same message in 140 characters. Then we should resolve to write that message in 120 characters so our audience has 20 characters to comment on something they want to retweet.

There is always room for improvement. The best writers can always get better. The best draft can always be improved upon. In the words of Ernest Hemingway, “the first draft of anything is sh*t.”


4.) Get Social (again):

You may recognize this resolution from last year’s blog on 2013 NYE resolutions. That doesn’t mean this is one of those “start going to the gym 5 days a week” resolutions we make every year and drop before the end of January. We have expanded our social media presence over the last year and taken on more social media work for our clients, however, social media has changed drastically in 2013 and will probably do the same in 2014. We have to stay on top of lasting changes in social media and be able to recognize when a trend is just a trend.


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