Media on the Move: Chicago Anchors Depart from Fox, CNN Drops in Ratings, and More

By Siman Klair

media on the moveSome of our favorite media members are making major moves, leaving us a little surprised and on the edge of our seats to see what is to become of the always transforming media landscape. Listen up PR pros, because following are some of the latest must-know media developments you should make note of:

  • Anna Davlantes & Robin Robinson + FOX – Anna Davlantes, the morning news anchor who brought a strong Chicago connection to WFLD-Channel 32, is leaving the Fox-owned station after four years. The Northwestern graduate is looking to seek different opportunities after her contract ended with Fox. But she isn’t the only one jumping from the job. Robin Robinson is leaving Fox News as well after holding the top anchor position for 26 years at the station. She remains silent following viewers’ shocked reactions and poignant opinions. Fox News issued a statement announcing Anna and Robin’s departure, but are not allowing the two to speak for themselves over the recent development.
  • CNN – CNN managed to fall behind on its two main cable news competitors, in addition to two other networks that weren’t considered competition. The downfall of the media mogul followed when the station chose to focus on the continuous problems with the health care site, whereas Fox and MSNBC chose to cover heavily on the health care law. The viewers spoke for themselves by tuning into Fox or MSNBC over CNN that night.
  • Mike Hopkins + Hulu – Hulu board member Mike Hopkins recently joined the video streaming company as the new CEO. Hulu is on track to post $1 billion in revenues in 2013 and generated $700 million in sales last year. His introductory letter to the Hulu team highlighted the continuous growth and expansion of the company’s subscribers.

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