College Grad? Creative Advice on How to Land The Dream Job – From A PR Pro


By: Kim Eberl

Having graduated last month, many students are now trying to find a job as the looming shadow of entering the real world has become a reality. Applying and interviewing for any job can be a long, strenuous process regardless of the career field. As the founder of one of Chicago’s leading public relations agencies, I’ve seen my fair share of resumes from different candidates with a wide range of credentials.

There are many determining factors in the agency’s hiring process that determine whether or not a candidate will be hired. Over time, I’ve seen that people who possess the qualities below tend to be the ones who get hired and end up being the best employees. Below is some advice from the hiring side on how to kick-start your job search, revamp your resume and get hired.

Be Creative. Don’t just turn to the standard job searching sites or simply go through a job recruiter. Use every medium available by trying new avenues and techniques. You might land your dream job by utilizing social media, making your resume visually appealing or asking employers for an informational interview. Breaking from the tradition of emailing your resume to a job posting will expand your opportunities.

Network. You have probably heard of the importance of networking from college counselors, teachers and parents, but what exactly does networking mean? Networking means leveraging your social and professional circles to connect people together and using those connections in a meaningful manner. Never be afraid to reach out to an acquaintance, former colleague or boss; you’d be surprised how many people are willing to commit time and/or resources to meet and help in any way that they can.

Highlight Your Leadership Skills. Highlighting leadership skills in a resume can be the defining factor as to whether or not a resume stands out enough to lead to an in-person interview. Determine how you can highlight past experiences that demonstrate your managerial skills and ability to delegate tasks in an efficient manner that lead to concrete results. Job seekers can apply such managerial skills throughout their search by submitting application materials on time, following up within a timely manner, and keeping track of where each job application stands. Organizing deadlines and staying on top of different moving parts is how job seekers can achieve their desired goal.

Demonstrate Your Research Skills. Job seekers should be diligent enough to research a company’s history, culture, values, clients, etc., prior to interviewing. Being prepared with this information, and relaying it back during an interview, will demonstrate that you know how to do your research – a valuable skills across a lot of different industries.

Be Persuasive: Once you land an interview, you should speak about your experience with conviction, confidence, and passion. State previous accomplishments, provide a thorough explanation of the work, and speak to the results. Persuasion is valuable tool skill that can particularly shine through in interviews.

If you find yourself going to interview after interview without landing that sought-after job position, it might be time to take a step back and consider the ways you are under-utilizing each of the above skill sets.