Donna K’s Five Questions for Kimberly Eberl

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Kimberly Eberl left a large Chicago public relations firm in 2006 to start her own firm, Motion PR (  Her firm currently represents such high-profile clients as, Red Bull energy drink and Olympic Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong.

DKU:  For those of us who don’t know, what exactly is public relations?

KE:  Public relations is a management function which coordinates a positive relationship between an organization and its audience.

DKU:  What kind of schooling did you have and how does it relate to your job?

KE:  I studied public relations at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I always knew PR, advertising or journalism were suited for for me.  During my collegiate studies, I maintained five internships in the field, including one at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, so I was well poised for my career upon graduation.  Other members of the Motion PR teaqm have had similar or complimentary experiences with degrees ranging from creative writing to broadcasting.  Each person on our hand-selected team brings a unique set of skills that helps our focus and capabilities.

DKU:  When did you decide to go on your own and why?

KE:  The decision to start my own PR firm whan’t an easy one.  I learned a lot at the larger PR agencies but just felt it wasn’t for me so I journeyed out on my own in March 2006.  My reputation in Chicago public relations grew strong throughout the years and I’ve continually added elite staff to handle the expanding workload as we move nationally and beyond.  Starting Motion PR has been a calculated, steady and fulfilling process.

DKU:  Who was/is your most famous client so far?

KE:  We like to think we make all our clients famous to their target audiences.  However, most widely  known would be and Red Bull energy drink.  We also represent Kristin Armstrong, who won an Olympic Gold Medal in cycling during the Beijing Olympics.

DKU:  At the risk of sounding cliche, where do you see Motion PR in five years?

KE:  In five years I envision Motion PR to continue building on our strong client base and high record of success in the public relations industry. We are constantly expanding and finding new ways to promote and create buzz for national and international brands…Look out, world!

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