“Crowdfunding” Launches Small Businesses To Success One Investment At A Time

By Alexandra Brown

Serendipity Packaging LineupIn the past if you needed money to fund a project, event, or get a new business off the ground, you called up a family member or friend in hopes of a little collateral. Nowadays, thanks to the newest digital trend of crowdfunding, financially backing a project is simpler and quicker than ever.

Crowdfunding is a unique solution that has become increasingly popular by sites such as IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, which have already helped roughly 30,000 entrepreneurs. The sites offer a launching pad for small businesses to get their products into the hands of everyday consumers. Simultaneously, these resources help artists and entrepreneurs raise funds for creative projects and spread their initiatives to the masses, via reposting, re-tweeting, blogging and newsletters. Users post a video, various items for tiered investment levels, a goal amount and deadline all in the hopes of raising funds and awareness for their projects.

These new fundraising techniques have helped local businesses including our own client Allegory Pens to generate consumer interest, outreach and funding. The success has given Allegory the opportunity to expand their brand from a Kickstarter campaign to a stand-alone small business, all in the name of creating pens made of sustainable, repurposed materials to connect consumers to something as timeless as wood. The overwhelming positive response prompted owner Chad Schumacher to pursue another business endeavor via a new Kickstarter campaign to launch over the next year. The crowdfunding success won’t stop with Allegory as one of our newest clients, Serendipity, recently announced the launch of its Indiegogo fundraising campaign to get its line of low-calorie, flavorful dressing and dips off the ground.

Serendipity founder Jimmy Lee teamed up with celebrity Chef David Burke to launch the campaign, offering calorie-conscious consumers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cook alongside Chef Burke. Depending on the investment amount, donors will receive unique premium perks ranging from samples of Serendipity dressings and dips, to one-on-one cooking classes, private invitation dinners, and exclusive tours of Burke’s restaurants with Chef Burke at one of his New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Chicago restaurants.

Launching in May and with only 15 calories per serving, Serendipity offers diners a truly unique salad dressing and dip option – just in time for bikini season! The product will initially be available in six classic flavors, including Blue Cheese, Honey French, Caesar, Creamy Italian, Thousand Island, and Ranch. Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or huge health nut, the startup food brand offers rewards for everyone. If you want to learn more, check out the Indiegogo video here and help turn Lee’s idea into a reality.

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