Amateur Pianists Serenade The City

Today kicked off the start of the PianoForte Foundation’s Second Chicago Amateur Piano Competition.

The competition gives the average Joe a chance to shine in the spotlight. Every competitor has pursued a different dream in life but continued to hold the love of music in their hearts. Music over the years has played a bigger role in shaping who they have become than their full-time jobs.

Some of the contestants include New Yorker Leslie Blei who has fought her way back one note at a time to play on center stage after suffering four strokes that left her without her speech and a paralyzed right arm and left leg. Then there is Hassan Al-Mufti, a refugee from Iraq who used music to start a new life in America.

The competition runs today through Friday, May 27th. It culminates in a breathtaking solo completion performance among the finalists.  Take time this week to escape the hustle of the city and enjoy a relaxing musical competition that is sure to wow you.

For more information visit their website:

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