New Year, Fresh Start: Tips for Getting Organized in 2016

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By: Julie Kuldacz

Like clockwork, the new year brings in a whole set of personal resolutions to eat better, drink more water, get your steps in etc. At Motion PR were using the new year as a chance to get a fresh start. No matter what the last year has brought, take this time to prepare yourself for a successful and productive year.
We took the time last week to sit down as an office and discuss tips and tricks for a more cohesive and organized office. Below are some tips that you can use as you head in to the New Year.

1.) Start the Day off right

  • Find the method that works best for you. For me, I like to start the day by formulating a to-do list by looking through the day before and the days ahead. Make sure to check through your inbox to ensure you have all new tasks accounted for.
  • Look at your schedule to try to block off big chunks of time to tackle the hefty projects. Saying you’ll work on a project from 1:30-2:30pm is more effective than saying you’ll get to it this afternoon.
  • Delegate what you can right away, by making sure everyone has their marching orders early on you can ensure it gets tackled early on. Once the day gets going it can be hard to add a task to someone’s ever-growing to do list

2.) Get on the same page

  • Try to keep a set of template documents in your arsenal. This way clients can tell you are both organized and consistent.
  • It also helps to save time when you have to create a document from start it can seem daunting. If you are working off a document that you know is successful then you can easily adapt it to fit your client’s needs.

3.) Efficiency is key

  • Conducting efficient meetings help to make the most of your day. Have an agenda for every meeting so that your team has a schedule to work through.
  • Make sure that every email you send it worth it, if the questions can be answered quickly it is often better to go ask someone in person. No one enjoys their inbox flooded with small internal questions.
  • On the other hand, recap emails, especially with clients, can help to double check that everyone is on the same page.

3.) Organize your space

  • Whether that means your desk, your work bag or your computer, it is essential to your success to keep it all organized. One busy day and your space can become a disaster zone. Taking the time to re-organize can help prevent issues later in the week.

4.) Refresh your knowledge

  • It is nice to refresh your basic skills and knowledge every now and then. When you do something every day you can forget the importance of each task or document you create.
  • For us, this can mean going through each part of a Media Strategy to distinguish the difference between a strategy, an objective and a goal. Knowing not only the difference, but the importance of each part, can help lead to a more successful year and a happier client.

Above all, the new year is a chance to build on all of your skills but especially your efficiency and organization. These are the skills that can always use some improvement. Take the time this month to set yourself up for success. You will be both happier and more successful, if you take the personal time needed to create an organized space.

And finally, here are my 3 personal pieces of advice that help keep me on track for a productive week.
1. Anything that can be done in under 5 minutes, do it now.
2. Block off time once a week to weed through your inbox and make sure your computer is organized.
3. No matter what meeting you go to, bring a notebook. You may think you will remember what you have to do…but trust me, you won’t.