Social Media and Measurement

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By: Katie Gibbons

We recently had Business Wire’s Director of Social and Evolving Media, Serena Ehrlich at the Motion PR office to share some advice on social media and measurement. Serena offered some great advice on how to be more effective across all major social media platforms, as well as tips on measurement tools.

Since Serena was kind enough to share with us, we figured we would share with you!

 5 Takeaways on Social Media

  • Images are worth a thousand words—or a million: For platforms like Twitter, including an image is crucial. Serena emphasized to always include a photo with tweets. Tweets with images get significantly higher traffic than tweets with none. Bonus: you can use up to 4 photos to tell your client’s story.
  • Timing posts is more nuanced than you think: Statistics do better on social media in the morning, while videos do better in the afternoon. People are caffeinated and ready to read in the morning but would rather see a video after a long day of hard work. After all, who has time for videos in the a.m.?
  • Use segmentation: Facebook separates content, so this allows you to test the audience. You can and should create different types of content for different audiences and seeing what gets traction. If you are representing a brand that has varied customers than you should be using varied messages/content. Use this option to make sure each audience is seeing the messages relevant to them.
  • Don’t underestimate hashtags: On Instagram and Twitter, hashtags are an easy way to reach more people. So don’t forget to use #hashtags for every post. Hashtags help people outside of your existing follower find you when you are talking about something they are interested. Use hashtag to get their attention and keep them around with your great content.
  • Be concise: Not all content needs to be short or quick, but you do need concise when capturing someone’s attention. A good headline can tell them why they need to follow a link. This lesson is not only for text-heavy content, but also works for video. Use Vine to cut a long YouTube video into a 6-second video. If audiences enjoy your Vine clip, they may seek out the full video.

3 Takeaways on Measurement

  • Use free measurement tools: There are plenty of tools, like Google Analytics, that you can use for free. So be sure to use them to make sure that your efforts are working.
  • Results don’t lie: If your client is not yet on board with something that you know will work, help persuade them with the measurement tools. They won’t be able to argue with good results.
  • Measurement tools can be effective during crises: TweetReach is a tool that can be used to see how viral something on Twitter went. This can also be useful for when people are talking negatively after a crisis occurs. Even using something as simple as Google’s predictive search can work to see if people are talking about a crisis. (Example below)



Overall, Business Wire gave a helpful presentation with some great takeaways. Hopefully, everyone is able to use at least one of these tips to make this next year an effective year for our clients!