5 Benefits of Influencer Marketing


As the old saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” When it comes to social media marketing, that adage rings just as true, and it’s why influencer marketing is becoming increasingly vital for brand awareness. Getting your products in the hands—and on the social media platforms—of influential and significant social engagers can sometimes catapult a brand to success faster than traditional marketing campaigns. Read on for five benefits of influencer marketing.


  • Grow your audience. One of the most important things to look at before engaging with an influencer is their social media following. Some of today’s biggest influencers have hundreds of thousands—sometimes millions—of followers on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. Just one post on one of these influencers’ accounts featuring your product will reach this massive audience.
  • Attract quality leads. Because influencers generally have a specialty, utilizing influencer marketing can help brands reach a highly specific targeted audience. Whether your product is geared toward a particular gender, lifestyle, hobby or fashion trend, there’s an influencer out there with an audience perfect for your brand. Quality over quantity is key. Reaching a smaller, expertly targeted audience will likely generate more leads than casting a wide net to an audience who may not be interested in what you’re selling.
  • Improve credibility and build trust. While you and your PR team are working hard to carefully cultivate your brand, social influencers are busy refining theirs. Attracting such a massive following requires them to develop a relationship with each and every follower, building a reputation and creating trust. Putting your products in the hands of someone trusted by the masses means your brand will instantly be respected.
  • Boost SEO. Influencers go beyond traditional social media. Bloggers can be key in reaching large audiences while also improving search engine rankings. When bloggers post links that lead back to your website, you’re likely going to experience more site traffic. And of course, social media influencers who tag your company in their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posts will also boost visibility on your own social channels.
  • Low-maintenance marketing. From a marketer’s standpoint, influencer marketing is fairly low maintenance and particularly effective, as it expands your audience via other communication channels. The hardest part is identifying the targeted influencers and getting your products in their hands. After that, sit back and watch the magic happen. The influencer handles the promotion. One selfie with your product in the hands of an influencer can be worth more than a million-dollar advertising campaign.